Happ E. Sextalk Advocates For Sexual Empowerment, Media Literacy Skills And Body Confidence In Teen And Young Women Of Color!  

Because after all, what's so wrong with calling your body part a vagina, a vulva, a penis...you know, the actual medical names they were given along with your nose, ear, mouth, etc.? 


Happ E. SexTalk strives to create a space for teen and young females (mainly of color) where their sense of sexual empowerment and self-esteem can further grow and develop. This is accomplished by providing media literacy education and creating discussions about the negative messages, sexism, double standards, and hypersexualized images of female sexuality in media and pop culture that deeply destroy ones sexual identity development.

We help build critical analyzing skills they can use to challenge negative media portrayals pertaining to their sexuality. The experience of utilizing media literacy skills against messages and portrayals in the media provides an opportunity for teens and young adult females to feel in control of their sexuality - an event that some are possibly experiencing for the first time.Our hope is this experience will provide them with an increased sense of empowerment, body confidence and self-esteem about their sexuality, especially pertaining to their sexual behaviors and portrayals of their sexuality to others.