Happ E. SexTalk Mission:

To build, encourage and promote a sense of sexual empowerment among teen and young adult women in a society where hypersexualization and objectification of female bodies – especially among women of color - thrive in the media and determine societal beliefs about how these bodies are to be viewed, displayed and treated.


Happ E. SexTalk believes that women have the right and ability to control their own sexuality, bodies and sexual pleasure and every individual should be given the knowledge, resources and skills needed to make informed decisions about their sexuality. One of Happ E. SexTalk’s main values is that through discussion and critical analysis of the negative messages, sexism, double standards, and hypersexualized images of female sexuality in the media, skills that are essential for creating and/or increasing the sense of sexual empowerment, body confidence and self-esteem are obtained among the teen and young adult females we serve.

Happ E. SexTalk Was Created To Provide A Confidential And Safe Space Where Females Can Talk About Sex And Sexuality In Healthy, Arousing, Positive, Pleasurable And Educated Ways.
— Happ E. SexTalk Vision

I want to normalize discussions about sex and sexuality for teen and young adult women, showing them how to analyze media messages and societal expectations, while understanding the value in having control over their own bodies and display of sexuality
— Erica M. Butler

Erica M. Butler, M.Ed.

Happ E. SexTalk Founder, Erica M. Butler, M.Ed., is a sexual health educator, speaker, and advocate working to educate youth and adult females about sexuality in healthy, honest, and positive ways. She has been in this field since 2005 and  obtained her Masters in Human Sexuality Education from the Center for Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University.

 Her mission is to create awareness, and give honest comprehensive sexuality education, presented with a humorous flare! Over the years, Erica has educated various groups such as parents, teens, religious institutions, young adults, college students, men, women, couples, etc. The main sexuality topics she has gained experience with include media literacy education, societal expectations and norms, gender inequalities, healthy and positive relationships, sexual communication, body image, confidence and self-esteem, as well as sexual health and awareness!