Happ E. SexTalk's Mission

To build, encourage and promote a sense of sexual empowerment among teen and young adult women in a society where hypersexualization and objectification of female bodies – especially among women of color - thrive in the media and determine societal beliefs about how these bodies are to be viewed, displayed and treated.


One of Happ E. SexTalk’s main values is that through discussion and critical analysis of the negative messages, sexism, double standards, and hypersexualized images of female sexuality in the media, skills that are essential for creating and/or increasing the sense of sexual empowerment, body confidence and self-esteem are obtained among the teen and young adult females we serve.


Here's a quick look at the past year of Happ E. SexTalk's monthly sex trivia events here in Columbus, Ohio!! We've all shared more laughs and more about each other than we all could have ever imagined!