Happ E. SexTalk fights to challenge media and cultural messages pertaining to female sexuality, body image and sexual pleasure!!


The range of topics Happ E. SexTalk offers for these services are ultimately endless. There is definitely room for customized requests and needs of the group rendering the consulting and private event services!

In most cases, the size requested for these services are at least 8 and no more than 20 or 25; however, this is also dependent on your specific needs and hopes for the event. Previous topics covered during consulting services range from couples "counseling" (a term used very loosely, as there is no counseling or therapy specific certifications on staff), relationship focused sessions (how to keep things interesting, getting partner(s) interested in something outside of the norm, sexual functioning issues, etc.) to sessions resembling Q&A formats for all questions regarding sex and sexuality they have built up to ask!


One of my favorite private events are Girls Night In Sex Toy Parties! Book Yours Today!

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