"We discuss sexuality in a way that it starts to become normalized for the group I'm speaking to by the time I leave." - Erica M. Butler, M.Ed.


These services include anything from intimate to large group panel discussions and/or facilitation, guest speaking for specific programming, private groups/classes to keynote lectures. Multiple sessions have been developed, presented and discussed on various panels covering topics ranging from sex positivity and Black female sexuality to debunking sex myths and fighting against stigma!

Happ E. SexTalk has presenting at large conferences like The 37th Annual National Council for Black Studies, trade shows like Sexapalooza, and has participated in panel discussions about female sexuality at The Martin Luther King Arts Complex in Columbus, Ohio!

        The 37th Annual National Council for Black Studies Presentation 

Topics of previous panel and guest speaking engagements include: womens issues/gender inequalities, media literacy, pop culture based phenomenons, interpersonal relationships/communication and general female sexuality topics (specifically focusing on subjects such as: sexual pleasure, black bodies in the media, sexual empowerment and body positive/self-esteem).

Given this range of topic selections to choose from, Happ E. SexTalk panel discussions and guest speaking engagements make for a great experience at any conference, convention, or trade show!


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