Despite what popular culture, media messages and societal perceptions work tirelessly to brainwash us into thinking, women have the right and ability to take control of their own sexuality, bodies and sexual pleasure. 

It seems the status quo is to allow negative, hypersexualized media images and sexist societal stereotypes to pre-determine how female sexuality should be displayed, state why - and for whom - the female body exists and determine the purpose female bodies truly have in a space controlled almost entirely by men. This is overwhelmingly the reality when discussing black female sexuality and black female bodies. 

Happ E. SexTalk fights to challenge these media representations. More importantly, we exist to promote, encourage and nurture a sense of sexual empowerment, body confidence and self-esteem among teen and young adult women of color so they can begin to challenge media, cultural and societal messages currently molding perceptions of their sexuality, bodies and their mutual desire for sexual pleasure!


Who doesn’t love watching balloons fly away?! Happ E. SexTalk’s Founder sure does! :)

“Every individual should be given the knowledge, resources and skills needed to make informed decisions about their sexuality.”
— Erica M. Butler, Founder


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