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I was fucking my girlfriend doggy style when I got the idea to try something new, so I used my thumb to finger her ass while I fucked her then after that continued for awhile we did anal and she said she never thought she could enjoy either of those things, considering before me her ass was off limits. Things were different with me and I'm glad I was the lucky guy. Well, now I want to kiss and lick her asshole because she's never experienced that. Do I talk to her first or surprise her with it?

Well, first things first…

When anal play is involved, things can kinda get tense for people, and (I may be wrong) but it sounds like this time was kinda an unplanned thing, so considering it went well the first time trying something new – that’s definitely something to celebrate!! LOL 

That being said, with your girlfriend never having prior experience with anal play before you, I would recommend talking to her first, and here’s why…

I can assume you wouldn’t appreciate having a surprise attack of someone’s tongue in your asshole during sex with no prior warning right?! 


Soooo....while surprises can be very exciting in some instances, when you’re dealing with introducing someone else’s body to a sexual experience they’ve never had  before, it’s a matter of respecting her as a person, her body & your relationship enough to discuss your interest in exploring her body further. 

Bringing it up beforehand gives her a heads-up (so to speak), and she’ll have a chance to consider if she’s even interested in having her asshole licked and kissed in the first place, let alone right now…. with you!! Not to mention, talking through this together could definitely bring y’all closer, making you even more comfortable with each other. 

I mean, we are talking about a person’s asshole after all. That’s pretty much one of the MOST personal topics you can discuss with another person – some type of emotional bonding HAS to come from that scenario right?! LOL 


Some Props For You...

I have to say, considering the enormous lack of respect for female bodies in our society today, you’re pretty awesome for valuing your girlfriend and the relationship enough to even think about asking this question in the first place. So for that, I thank you! 

In case you find yourself interested in anal sex down the road, having condoms and lube readily available is essential! Lastly, check out this great resource for the pleasurable and safe way to prepare! Hope this helps!

Always remember, your sexy is safe with me!

Until next time…

-  e.