One Aspect of Sex You Shouldn’t Stress Over...

Anonymous Question Submitted: Does Size Really Matter?

Since there’s no specifics on what you mean by size, I’m gonna assume you’re asking about penis size and if it matters to a sexual partner. As you may or may not know, there’s a lot of controversy around this question, so I’m really glad you asked!! The truth is, research done around this question shows that for most sexual partners (mainly females), penis size doesn’t really matter -- in fact, if anything related to size was factored in at all, it was more likely the girth versus the length. 

Let me tell you why this makes sense....

The average vagina is only 3-4 inches long, so the reality is that only so much  penis is going to fit to begin with. However, once aroused, the vagina is known to stretch to 200% it’s normal size to adjust for penetration & sexual intercourse! 

There’s other research that suggests men rank their penis size at 3rd most important, whereas their female counterparts rank it as 9th!!

Considering all this, it’s safe to say worrying about penis size is a waste of your anxiety. Sex is stressful enough & full of anxiety, so let’s take at least one thing off your plate with this huh?! Thanks for submitting your question! 


Until next time, always remember Your Sexy Is Safe With Me! 😉


Anonymous Question Submission....Yay it’s about Oral Sex!!

Anonymous Question Submission....Yay it’s about Oral Sex!!

If it takes a man (28 y/o) takes forever to orgasm off head, is it more about him or does it mean he is not into the person performing it?

There are a few possible explanations for him taking a hot second to experience an orgasm. Here they are...

Anonymous Question Submission

Anonymous Question Submission

Well, first things first – when anal play is involved, things can kinda get tense for some couples (and I may be wrong, but it sounds like this was an unplanned thing this time), so considering it went so well the first time trying something new -- that’s definitely something to celebrate together!! LOL That being said, with your girlfriend never having prior experience with anal play before you, I would recommend talking to her first, and here’s why…

50 Shades of Vanilla: You May Be Kinkier Than You Think....

50 Shades of Vanilla: You May Be Kinkier Than You Think....

With 50 Shades of Gray becoming quite a mega-phenomenon, its no surprise that most of us think we already have an idea of what BDSM (Bondage, Discipline/Dominance, Submission/Sadism and Masochism) is. The reality is, E.L James’ trilogy provided merely a glimpse into only ONE type of sex between a dominant, wealthy, privileged man and a submissive, somewhat naïve, “inexperienced” young woman. These characters do not represent the true BDSM communities where various shapes, sizes, ethnicities and economic statuses preset in our society are represented.

Discover your definition of pleasure

Discover your definition of pleasure

Historically, societal expectations were that sex was for procreation and only secondarily for pleasure. However, times have changed and sexual pleasure, experienced in many different ways, is healthy throughout life. In fact, numerous studies have shown the following health benefits: pain management, stress relief, boost in immunity, better heart health, increased self-esteem and intimacy, enhanced sleep, improvement in mood, increased life expectancy, enhanced reproductive health, and even decreased risk of breast cancer.

Happ E. SexTalk: The 2.0 Re-Vamp!!

I decided the blog was in desperate need of an update ;)

Hey There, it’s Happ E. SexTalk Founder -- Erica -- here!!  Thanks so much for checking me out and finding your way to the blog! I hope you’ve taken a moment to sign up for the newsletter so  you’re staying updated on everything! If not, click the button below!

In 2011 when Happ E. SexTalk was first created, it was just an online persona with a Tumblr blog for people to submit anonymous questions and see some really cool positive sex education viewpoints through images, gifs, blog posts, etc. However, now that Happ E. SexTalk is officially established itself as an LLC in the state of Ohio and has more focused goals as a company, I figured it was time to start creating content for you all on a more regular basis! This content will be developed with more intention and purpose to help expand views on certain sexuality topics and begin creating a community here on this blog where trust, acceptance, and comfort to talk about sex and sexuality without fear!! Thus, we find ourselves at Happ E. SexTalk: The 2.0 Re-Vamp!! 

First let me point out that the "Happ E.” in Happ E. SexTalk actually stands for Healthy, Arousing, Positive, Pleasurable and Educated - the 5 principles behind everything this company does because these are how I have been providing sexuality and health education since 2005. So when I decided to start the online persona in 2011, those principals were essential to the brand development. 

To give you a little background about myself, I have a Bachelors Degree in Health Studies and Masters of Education in Human Sexuality!  I’m currently living in Columbus, Ohio with my phenomenal husband, David Butler, and our basset hound, Copper -- they are definitely some of Happ E. SexTalk’s #1 fans for sure! :) 

The Magic We Can Create...

My goal with this blog is to offer an entertaining, honest and sex positive commentary on various pop culture sensations, women’s issues, sexuality education, body image, sexual empowerment, media literacy, and sexual pleasure (just to name a few topics). I hope to provide an interesting perspective to issues that matter to you, getting you to think about something differently, feel more empowered in your own sexuality and question the societal perspectives we have been spoon-fed in this country from the time we were born. I will also answer any and all questions submitted to me, whether they are sent anonymously through my tumblr blog, in a message via my contact page on this website, email, or through social media (see links to those below). 

It’s my hope to have at least 2 new blog posts each week starting out and then working my way up from there! Please don’t forget check out more about Happ E. SexTalk, the work we’re doing and services we’re able to provide to pretty much anybody that needs some of this amazing Happ E. SexTalk Style education ;)

Always remember, sharing is please keep coming back to check out our blog, share the content we post, engage with me in conversation through comments and get your friends to do the same!! Can’t wait to talk to y’all soon! 

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